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They write about us:

James Suckling - Ned Goodwin (Senior Editor - MW) on our Amarone 2019 (04-24): 

"This is an impressive Amarone, challenging contemporary notions of what constitutes drinkability when it comes to this dried-fruit style ... I like this. An erudite approach to conferring tension via well-applied structural techniques." (93 points)

The Drinks Business - Filippo Bartolotta on Amarone Opera Prima 2024 (03-24):

"... some Valpolicella producers have pursued alternative approaches, emphasising specific terroirs, grape varieties and gentler winemaking techniques...smaller wineries often pioneer these changes, taking risks and challenging conventions. The new winery to watch is Contrada Palui, with Hans Pichler showcasing a delightfully transparent and vibrant 2018 Amarone with only 0.8 g/l of residual sugar..." Full article 

VinoNews24 - Eugenia Torelli on Amarone Opera Prima 2024 (02-24):

"Finally, there are a series of younger companies... which are immediately showing an approach less inclined towards softness. Some examples are Contrada Palui - probably the revelation of this preview - ..." Full article (Italian)

Gambero Rosso - Nicola Frasson on Amarone Opera Prima 2024 (02-24):

"The Amarone Opera Prima event took place in Verona ... We present the best ... On the nose the wine (Amarone 19 contrada palui) follows an original register, outlined by a wild cherry which maintains a hint of acidity and a strong presence of spices. On the palate it is agile and lends itself well to accompanying food." Full article (Italian) - Filippo Magnani on Amarone Opera Prima 2024 (02-24):

"The soil composition is that of clay and limestone with flint and black basalt. This combination of soils and location allows Hannes to produce very terroir driven wines...brilliant and clean." Full article

Quercus Vino - Matt Stevens in a review of Contrada Palui's Amarone 2019 (02-24):

"I love discovering a new wine that leaves a lasting impression, a wine that stands-out in a sea of premium wines given its unique characteristics, a wine that you find yourself reflecting on weeks after tasting it. ... The challenge of producing expressive terroir wines whilst employing a winemaking technique that literally transforms the grapes before they're pressed (appassimento - grape drying), some would say potentially masking the nuanced aspects of the terroir. So when you discover a 100% appassimento wine, such as Contrada Palui's Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG, that shows such distinct terroir characteristics, its a prime example of talented winemaking highlighting the unique terroir to deliver expressive and balanced wines." Full article 

Food&Wine Italia - Giambattista Marchetto on Amarone Opera Prima 2024 (02-24):

"...then, in the glasses of historic cellars and young realities, there are confirmations of a journey in progress: from Bertani to Corte Sant'Alda ... up to the interesting Contrada Palui. The wine (Amarone 2019) is still too young and deserves a few more years in the bottle, but the tasting outlines trajectories to follow carefully." Full article (Italian)

Wine Tales Magazine - Benedetta Costanzo on Amarone Opera Prima 2024 (02-24):

"During the tasting of the Amarone 2019 (of Contrada Palui) ... I had impressions that felt like intriguing bets, especially for the unique mix used in the refinement, combining Trentino Tava amphorae and wood. The company, young and dynamic, seems to have clear ideas on how to evolve in the right direction, underlining a commitment to innovation and quality." Full article (Italian)

Wining Press - Daniela De Morgex on Amarone Opera Prima 2024 (02-24):

"During the tasting, some Amarone definitely appeared more elegant, slim and fresh (Secondo Marco, Corte S. Alda, Massimago, Contrada Palui), while still maintaining a high evolutionary potential..." Full article (Italian)

Wine News on Amarone Opera Prima 2024 (02-24):

"Among the 73 wines tasted (presented by 71 companies) at the technical tasting of Amarone della Valpolicella 2019, according to Wine News staff emerged (amongst 14 highlighted wines) ... the clear juiciness of Contrada Palui's Amarone della Valpolicella 2019, which has made of transparency its trademark." Full article (Italian) - Davide Bortone (07-23):

"Graspo Alto of Contrada Palui: the Valpolicella Doc that changes the rules of the game..." Full article (Italian) 


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