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Wein Reben Contrada Palui

Hilltop breeze, sun and geological diversity

Contrada Palui is not only a beautiful place with a breathtaking view of the Renaissance city of Verona and of the Apennines, 150 km across the Po plain: it is also characterized by a special terroir.


The soil is interspersed with three types of rock: white limestone, black basalt and sharp flint. This combination gives our vineyards a unique minerality that is reflected in the wines. The vines were planted on hay meadows in their natural state and are thus cultivated with maximum respect for the environment, obviously organically. 


Located at around 500 meters above sea level - a high location for Valpolicella - the majority of the vineyards extend along the south side of a hilltop ridge and are exposed to the sun from early morning till night. At the same time, the rising winds from the plain and the cool winds from the Lessinian Alps in the north ensure intensive ventilation. 


These microclimatic and geological peculiarities form an exciting contrast to the intense fruity notes the  grapes gain through the drying practiced in Valpolicella. The wines are intense and complex but at the same time elegant, spicy and fresh.

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